Summer Brewfest

Ain't no cure for the summertime brews Father's Day weekend is coming, and that means the annual Summer Brewfest is at hand, Fri., June 17–Sun., June 19, at St. Edward State Park in Juanita. The weather usually cooperates for at least part of that weekend, so bring the sunblock, meet the brewers, and get your craft brew on. Your admission fee and tickets allow you to sample from a big selection of craft brewers' wares; the majority of Washington state's craft breweries will be here, as will a sizable contingent from Oregon and elsewhere. Pilsners and other pale lagers will be front and center, as will blonde ales (often called "Kölsch," even though they shouldn't be—no more than California sparkling wine is "Champagne") and wheat beers in American, Belgian, and Bavarian styles, as well as Grant's popular Mandarin Hefeweizen, a beer that would've given founder Bert Grant (R.I.P.) apoplexy back in the day. If your beer of choice is Maritime Pacific's Old Seattle Lager, give 'em props: This is their 15th year in the beer trade, a significant milestone in the craft-brewing biz. People looking for stronger ale flavors won't go away disappointed either, with lots of pale, amber, and India pale ales on offer, as well as some porters and stouts. If you stop by Druids Brewing Co., give brewmaster Shawn Loring his due: The brewery marked its first anniversary this year, and will have amber ale and IPA on tap. If the cooling clouds come in, no worries; there will be some stronger brews to fortify the soul, including Scuttlebutt's Tripel 7, Elysian Brewing's Bête Blanche, Pacific Crest's Weizenbock, and Heads Up Brewing's 9mm "Imperial Amber" ale. You'll find all you need to know online at See you there. I'll be the one drinkin'.

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