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At the Paris Air Show this week, it didn't take an aerospace engineer to see that Airbus gambled on the heavy-metal, double-deck A380 (capacity 880) and lost to Boeing's forthcoming midsize, plastic 787 (capacity 300). This is now a world in which size doesn't matter. People prefer to fly nonstop on a smaller plane than fly to a hub and board an aluminum whale the size of Bagley Wright Theatre. As Boeing Commercial chief Alan Mulally told The Seattle Times, the A380 is "a big plane for a small market." The A380 is in flight test now with a mere 144 orders. So Airbus is scrambling to develop a midsize brainchild called the A350 to compete with the 787. The European plane maker claimed it would leave Paris with as many as 120 orders for the A350, available in 2010. There are 128 for the 787, set for delivery in 2008. CHUCK TAYLOR

County Politics

Usually, politicians wait until they are elected to break promises, but Reagan Dunn of Bellevue is precocious. The handsome, charismatic, country-club conservative and 34-year-old son of former U.S. Rep. Jennifer Dunn was appointed to a King County Council seat in February. Due to redistricting, Dunn found that to retain his seat, he would have to oppose fellow council member Steve Hammond, R-Enumclaw. Dunn pledged not to run if he did not receive the nod at the county Republican Convention. Rookie mistake. On Saturday, June 11, delegates nominated Hammond over Dunn, 234-209, reportedly because Hammond was a rural, grassroots preacher and not some pretty city slicker. Dunn immediately told The Seattle Times that he would run against Hammond in the September primary anyway—which would mess up the GOP's tidy world, besides breaking a promise—but later, under withering criticism that included Times columnist Nicole Brodeur likening him to a spoiled brat, Dunn was ambiguous about whether he'd actually file. GEORGE HOWLAND JR.

City Politics

It's not that Christal Wood's June calendar is completely empty. There was Flag Day. And there's Father's Day, and that full moon on the 22nd. But the real excitement comes next month. "I have volunteers both calling and gathering signatures in preparation for filing week" in July, the mayoral candidate says. "I'm pretty confident we'll make that hurdle." Still, with just $2,311 in the campaign bank, it's a big hurdle, considering opponent Greg Nickels—you know, the guy who's always on TV, in the papers, issuing taxpayer-supported press releases?—has collected $437,000 (at least $77,000 from downtown, $100,000 from out of town). Why not just let him declare victory so he can get on with doling out fat-cat favors? "Greg Nickels has indeed raised an absurd amount of money," says Wood. "Still more absurd is the fact that he continues to ask for more." There's an upside to her struggling campaign, though: If no one knows she's running, no one will notice she got flattened. RICK ANDERSON


"It is easy to convince yourself of the strength of your case when you're in an echo chamber and the judge is making evidentiary rulings in your favor."— Attorney Shawn Newman after aspiring governor Dino Rossi and the GOP were annihilated in court; as quoted by insolent blogger and honorary Republican flack Stefan Sharkansky, who had predicted the opposite result having spent seven months in an echo chamber of his own device. (, June 8)

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