In your face!

It's the little things that count. On Oct. 14, 1977, Anita Bryant was holding a televised press conference concerning her role as spearhead for the overturning of a gay rights ordinance in Dade County, Fla., and her subsequent mission to cleanse American life of homosexuality. Activist Tom Higgins, posing as a reporter, hurled a banana cream pie at Bryant and got her square in the face. It was such a solid, humiliating hit that you almost felt sorry for the former beauty queen. Almost. But, better, Higgins' bold move made Anita Bryant look like a fool, and woke up much of the nation to the fact that gays and lesbians were not the silent, whimpering degenerates of heterosexual lore. Anita soon lost her commercial contract with the Florida Citrus Growers—and whatever political power she had right along with it.

A lot of us are still throwing pies, or are busy encouraging others to do the same. Our annual Pride issue is dedicated to everyone who dares to do or say, in every small way, whatever it takes to further the cause of liberation. Activism can take many forms, whether it's a well-placed punch line or a sober reconciliation with one's past. Here's to the people willing to take a stand. And to everyone who'd better duck while they still can.

Gay Activism Issue


Mom vs. Dr. James Dobson  By Kathryn McGrath

Margaret Cho Mouths Off  By Steve Wiecking

Log Cabin Loner  By Geov Parrish

Closet Raider  By Steve Wiecking

State's Gay Rights Fight  By George Howland Jr.

Slap and Tickle Activism  By Rachel Devitt

One Lesbian's Fighting Spirit  By T. Morgan

Plus: Our Guide to Pride

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