Cheese, Corn, and Dogs

Kraft singles—you're out! The big cheese is back in town, and it means business: Organic gouda, feta, and an array of goat cheeses will dominate the farmers markets this week with their pungent aromas and tantalizing textures. Wild salmon is hitting all six neighborhood markets in sync with its popular pal, the Olympic oyster, and purple potatoes, cabbage, cauliflower, and carrots are available to add a brand new color to your plate. In other news, the Alvarez family's highly anticipated sweet corn is expected to make its fleeting appearance at Pike Place Market this week. Red Haven peaches are scheduled to make their seasonal debut as well, along with Early Transparent apples, both just in time for cobbler season. Also, frankfurters from Skagit River Ranch add a classy touch to that all-American summer standard, the hot dog.

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