This jazzy place on Fourth Avenue is named after a Louisiana cocktail made with whiskey, Pernod, Peychaud's Bitters, and sugar. To start a recent evening with something less potent, I ordered a Manhattan ($8.50), but sure enough, there it was—that Louisiana kick! (Or maybe that was just the whiskey.) The drinks may have been a little rough, but the sweets made a good chaser. "Baby Cakes" ($9) is one of the seven deadly sins on the Sazerac dessert menu: three tasty morsels that look more like miniature muffins. Each has its own zest: one's coffee-flavored, one's topped with whipped cream and blueberries, and one's German chocolate. The coffee-flavored got the gold that night. My friend went for a caffeine kick, ordering an Iced Coffee Sundae ($9). Then she ordered a Deco ($6), a chocolate-cherry-flavored cocktail in a miniature wine glass that packed less punch than the Manhattan. Unfortunately, everything at Sazerac seems to come in miniature sizes— except the prices. This may be the perfect place for a businessman to delve into his bottomless wallet after work, but it's not the ideal spot for a working girl on an empty stomach to gorge on goodies for a few bucks. 1101 Fourth Ave. (in the Hotel Monaco), 206-624-7755. BELLTOWN

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