Murderball, Sufjan Stevens, and Indian Days Pow Wow

Fri - Film

The quadriplegic rugby players in the inspired documentary Murderball don't have fully functional arms and legs. But my God, do they have balls! This movie's got it all: violence, sex, laughs, tears, family, romance, buddies, enemies, Jackass pranks. Opens Fri., July 22, at Uptown. See review. TIM APPELO

Fri–Sat - Music

Every now and then, a songwriter comes along and blows the lid off your routine musical outlook. Sufjan Stevens, who sings with skill and sincerity about life, faith, and all things Illinois, is that troubadour. Liz Janes opens. 8 p.m. Fri., July 22–Sat., July 23. $15. Triple Door, 216 Union St., 206-838-4333, See story. RACHEL SHIMP

Fri–Sun - Festival

Native tribes from around the Northwest convene this weekend at Discovery Park for the annual Indian Days Pow Wow, one of the many ethnic festivals that take place under Seafair's big umbrella. This one's a draw for its drumming, dancing, costumes, craft booths, and traditional foods (including a salmon bake on Saturday and Sunday). Fri., July 22–Sun., July 24. $5 ($10 for the salmon bake). Discovery Park, 3801 W. Government Way, 206- 728-0123, or LYNN JACOBSON

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