Strictly Seattle and Tallis Scholars

Strictly Seattle

The title is local, but dancers come from considerably farther away to study with the teachers and choreographers at Velocity Dance Center. After three weeks of intense gyrations, the students may find the end result challenging or just plain treacherous, but their commitment makes it work every time. The performance features just-made dances by Paige Barnes (pictured), Gaelen Hanson, Aiko Kinoshita, Wade Madsen, KT Niehoff, and Deborah Wolf. Broadway Performance Hall, 1625 Broadway Ave., 206-325-8773 x2. $10-$15. 8 p.m. Fri. July 29-Sat. July 30. SANDRA KURTZ

Tallis Scholars

English choral music—heck, English music period, some would argue—was at its serene yet stirring peak during the renaissance, and one of the most acclaimed ensembles in this repertory is the Tallis Scholars. (Their namesake, composer Thomas Tallis, may be celebrating a quincentennial this year; 1505 is only our best guess as to his birthdate). The Scholars and their director Peter Phillips are in town conducting a choral workshop, their first such in the US, culminating in a joint concert with participants. St. James Cathedral, 804 Ninth Ave., 206-382-4874. $12 suggested donation. 8:15 p.m. Fri. July 29. GAVIN BORCHERT

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