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Best place to worship? 'At my feet.'

Thousands of you cast Best of Seattle ballots each year, and through your words we get to know you—perhaps a little too well. When we ask where the city's best place of worship is, you reply: "At my feet." When we ask about the best activity to do with kids, your response is: "Throw rocks at cars." Here, then, is a collection of some of your more creative answers to our perfectly reasonable questions. And may you be far from I-5 while we're driving home.

Best Place to Get Adult Videos:

"I'm married, I wouldn't know."

Best Street Performer:

"Cuban protest man downtown who yells about cops."

"Dulcimer guy in front of Ken's on Greenwood."

"The Tuba Guy, who miraculously still can't carry a tune after multiple decades playing before M's games."

"Young whippersnapper with the straightjacket and bed of nails."

Best Lobby In Which To See and Be Seen:

"If I have to hang out in a lobby to 'be seen,' please shoot me."

Best Recent Scandal: "Mary K. Letourneau and Vili [Fualaau]'s wedding."

Best Place to Work: "King County Elections—good pay, easy work, no responsibility."

Best Service at a Restaurant: "Gal who [does] Monday nights at the High Dive in Fremont—man, she is ON it! :-)"

Best Splurge: "A custom-made purse made of a Linda Ronstadt vinyl record at the Fremont Sunday Market."

Best Fish Market: "Stefan Sharkansky."

Best after-hours Hot Spot: "My boyfriend's bed."

Best Day care: "Wags to Riches doggie day care."

Best Place of Worship: "Is that really an appropriate question? My god is better than your god?"

Best New Thing You Discovered in Seattle in the Last Year:

"A substantial number of Seattleites were astonished at how elections are run."

"Best place for pedestrians to get run over: Valley Street near the Center for Wooden Boats."

"The 'kid pit' at the Montlake Alehouse."

"Even more beautiful people here than I thought!"

"Essential Bakery pastries (probably not new to other people)."

"Everything—I've been here one year."

"It's a good idea to wash socks separately from the rest of your laundry."

"Muttley Crew Cuts dog grooming salon—awesome!!"

"Republicans in Seattle really do have a chance!"

"Seattle Central's Commercial Photography Program. Ranked #3 in the nation. Check it out."

"That you can vote early, and often, and it will be completely undetected!!!!"

"The Sierra Club's Seattle group—they're active, connected . . . normal."

"There's vampires that meet in UW's Red Square on Saturday nights from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m."

"Well, it's Tacoma . . . but the LeMay Museum is incredible."

"You can make out on the beach until 5 in the morning and no one will care."

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