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Inspiring Larson

Thanks for the piece on Margaret Larson [Best of Seattle, "Best Voice for Humanitarianism," Aug. 3]. I've followed her through the Today show to Seattle. She is a jewel, and I appreciate her contribution to improve the human condition. Like Marian Wright Edelman said, "Service is the rent we pay for living." Most folks just live for themselves and how much wealth they can amass. I wish more people would share their blessings, no matter how small.

Julie Burrell

Lake Forest Park

Best Hangover Spot?

The Best of Seattle issue [Aug. 3] is an excellent source of info on Seattle; however, there was one notable omission that I hope you can help me out with. My partner and I moved to Seattle this last month and were wondering where the "best hangover breakfast" is served. If you guys have a list of a few "contenders" on this one, that would be great. Thanks a bunch.

Aaron Kahle



Great idea for a Best of Seattle category! We'll put it on file for next year. From our—ahem—experience, here are a few good places to go when you wake up woozy.

On Capitol Hill: Linda's (cheap, friendly, and good, with a jukebox full of excellent weekend-morning music); Glo's (we chose it as Best Hangover Breakfast Joint in 2001's Best of Seattle issue); Café Septième (a bit too classy, maybe, but you can smoke and/or sit outside to get fresh air).

In Queen Anne: Peso's (they actually advertise their Mexican-themed weekend breakfast as a "hangover breakfast"); Mecca Cafe (an unpretentious, inexpensive greasy spoon with outstanding fruit pancakes).

In Ballard: the Dish (classic diner stuff—hash browns, buttered toast, omelets, and plenty of seats at the counter).

The SW Hangover Team

Therapy, Not Relaxation

As a past and present patient/client of Toni Natoli's (Readers' Pick for Best Massage Therapist), I was very pleased to see her recognized by your readers [Best of Seattle, Aug. 3]. Unfortunately I think your description of her practice, while amusing, doesn't really describe what she does and could lead to misunderstanding. "Toni . . . works magic with her fingers . . . leaving you sighing with relief" sounds a bit lascivious and plays on stereotypes.

Toni does work "magic" with her fingers, in the sense that she helps people recover from injuries and provides relief from chronic pain, where others have had little success. Her "treatments" are wonderful and successful, but I don't think many of her clients would describe them as relaxing. Toni's practice is focused on treatment rather than relaxation.

If you're a person who believes that you have to live with a certain level of physical pain, or if you're injured and trying to get your body back into proper working order, I'd be the first to recommend Toni to you; if you're looking for a relaxing spa experience, I'd refer you elsewhere.

John Tremain


A vote for Volterra

Fifty thousand responses were received in the Seattle Weekly Best of Seattle survey [Aug. 3], and a relatively unknown cafe and coffee shop in the Central District took first place in four categories? Just how diligent were the judges at SW in ferreting out ballot-stuffing anyhow? Did they check the e-mail address of every ballot submitted electronically? Somehow, I don't think so. Furthermore, a little research indicates that this coffee shop, Cafe Stellina, was reviewed in the South Seattle Star as far back as November 2002, so how exactly does it qualify as a "New Restaurant"?

Volterra, which came in second and really is a new restaurant, wuz robbed.

Dennis Caldirola


Editor responds: Just for the record, this was 50,000 votes, not ballots.

'Best of' Too Meaty

Since when do the meat lobbies contribute to Seattle Weekly? I can only imagine that is the case now that the beloved "Best Vegetarian Restaurant" category is history, but now we have Best Gourmet Burger, Best Barbecue Chicken, Best Steak House, Best Fish Market, Best Fish Taco, Best Can of Tuna, Best Take-and-Bake Crab Cake, and Best Hot Dog Cart [Best of Seattle, Aug. 3]. By the way, Dr. Atkins and his diet are dead. Oh, you do list Chaco Canyon—the fab vegan and organic cafe—but somehow that is turned into the Best Political Eatery category. Go figure. Cyber-Dogs, a vegetarian hot dog eatery, is listed as a "healthy" hot dog vendor "countless herbivorous Seattleites" enjoy. Well, Seattle vegetarians also eat in this town, so start counting!

Eileen Weintraub


Have Dems been Robbed?

Did George Howland Jr. actually write this article or merely rewrite a press release provided by RealNetworks [Best of Seattle, "Best Political Donor," Aug. 3]? Rob Glaser's empty-headed political donations speak more forcefully about the man than any words I could use. Take America Coming Together, for example. What lasting impact did ACT have? What measurable progress was made? Informing people through television commercials of the evil that dwells in Republicans' hearts? Hell. We already knew that. In its short life span, ACT managed to separate credulous Democrats from their money to the tune of over $200 million including Glaser's $1.9 million. To me this makes Glaser's economic choices somewhat suspect, and it saddens me to see so much money wasted.

Whenever a Democratic bigwig sweeps into town, they are obliged (by the massive amount of money that Glaser donates) to sup with the lord of the manor. Attention, state and national Democrats: Don't let this naive whale get away! Howland states: "Both investments [ACT and Air America] demonstrate Glaser's political smarts." Really? Since when did throwing money away become a standardized measure of intelligence?

Patric James


Exec's Best Friend

You can pick up nary a publication in King County without reading something highly and accurately critical of King County Executive Ron Sims. Now they come in pairs with the Aug. 3 Weekly's two Sims slaps. Knute Berger's commentary on the election task force report [Mossback, "A Big SWAT for Ron Sims"] and Rick Anderson and Chuck Taylor's piece on Armen Yousoufian's Homeric struggle against the county's stonewalling public-document requests ["The Cost of Secrecy"] chronicle official and woeful mismanagement or intentionally wrongful county acts that will soon lighten (empty?) county taxpayers' wallets.

And now the Boeing Field–Southwest Airlines imbroglio has Democrats on the King County Council upset with the beleaguered Sims. I hope he owns a dog because at this rate, that's the only friend he'll have left come November and the election.

Fortunately for county citizens, there'll be a ballot box option in November— David Irons, a decent, honorable guy with a track record of public service, competence, and integrity, Berger's snippy characterization notwithstanding. But Berger ate a bit of his own crow by conceding that even, shudder, a Republican like Chris Vance is occasionally correct. Maybe Berger and other Seattleites should seriously consider quality candidates like Irons instead of a Keystone Cop clone like Sims simply because his last name ends in "Hyphen D."

Scott St. Clair


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