Blue Moon Burgers

You're well acquainted with the quarter-pound burger. But have you ever met a quarter-pound onion ring? Blue Moon's deep-fried circles of sin must weigh at least that much. They're made with fat, firm, sweet slices of Vidalia onion encased in pillowy batter. Four of these babies ($2.89) plus a creamy, hand-dipped shake ($2.99) in one of nine flavors (including mint) makes a meal in itself. But for purists, Blue Moon also offers a long list of satisfying burgers (starting at $3.95 for the single) and burger-substitutes (veggie, chicken, and king salmon). Each is served with the house sauce and trimmings as you like (cheese, sautéed red onions, and portobello mushrooms cost 60 to 80 cents extra each). Order at the counter and grab a table; the airy, split-level room is inviting, but the most coveted seats on a sunny day are on the sidewalk—even with the traffic zooming down nearby Westlake Avenue. Wherever you sit, though, we guarantee that when you get up, you'll be at least a quarter-pound heavier. 920 Republican St., 206-652-0400. SOUTH LAKE UNION

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