Bumbershoot 2005 Bumbershoot's been a family-oriented event since its early-'70s inception. Even so, this year's music lineup—despite Devo and later, after that band dropped out, Iggy and the Stooges—seemed even safer than usual. So we decided to search out the festival's odder corners. We don't claim to present them all in this package, but we do claim that the four events we're highlighting—the "In Resonance" sound-art exhibit; the ballet-meets-hair-metal of Buttrock Suites; stand-up comic Todd Barry; and Wreckage, the one-woman show by Lauren Weedman—will give you something you weren't expecting. Which is, of course, the entire point of an event like Bumbershoot. More Bumbershoot Bumbershoot Music Picks — Our guide to the festival's highlights. The ABCs of Bumberfood — Rich Amador of Sugee's Giant Strawberry Shortcake explains it all for you. Short Film, Long Gestation — It took 10 years to harvest Fruits—one of many titles to be shown at 1 Reel festival. Her Brand of Humor — Local lit mag brings funny women to Bumbershoot stage. No, really. Performance Picks — Are We Scared? and STREB. Visual Arts Pick Bumbershoot music schedule grid (pdf). Festival information

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