Minus Space

In Lead Pencil Studio's recent installation at the Henry Art Gallery, "land that time forgot" is given the spotlight. Contrary to the 1975 cinematic version, in which viewers are transported to the imaginary island of Caprona where they experience prehistoric life, Minus Space occurs on native soil and is distinctly modern, though time travel still comes into play. In Regrade, Annie Han and Daniel Mihalyo use wood, plant fiber, and wire netting to re-create the original site conditions of the Henry, prior to its 1997 expansion. Tufts of artificial grass are seen sprouting the length of the long, sloping, fabric-covered ceiling, the body of which extends vertically through two floors of the gallery and horizontally traverses corridors, extending into an exterior courtyard. A rupture in the burlaplike netting encourages visitors to imagine life underneath. Indeed, a descent to the lower level of the Henry allows an underground glimpse into the belly of the beast, where another work, Footings, is on display. Inspired by the various displacements of Lorado Taft's bronze statue of George Washington— originally at the entrance to the 1909 Alaska-Pacific Yukon Exhibition, now in close proximity to the Henry Art Gallery—Han and Mihalyo have created a seemingly weightless installation made of white visqueen, Plexiglas, and wire, and its airy form mirrors the changeability of the original statue's foundation. Combining an examination of architectural space with an historical inquiry, the Lead Pencil team implies that what's written in stone isn't nearly as important as what lies beneath. Henry Art Gallery, 15th Avenue Northeast and Northeast 41st Street, 206-543-2280. 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Tues.-Wed., Fri., Sat.-Sun. 11 a.m.-8 p.m. Thurs. $8 ($6 seniors; free for students and gallery member, and for everyone on Thursdays).

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