High Dive

In the former Suite G space—about as centrally Fremont as you can get—High Dive's vibe is more backyard Americana than bike-riding activist, but that's more or less the way the neighborhood is going these days anyway. Serving hand-rubbed, cold-smoked barbecue meat dishes, pub fare, beer, wine, and booze to fans of live and otherwise loud music, the club has a roomy stage and a great sound system—though you may not know it when you first walk in. High Dive's long, op-art-themed bar gives way a large live show room in the back where a variety of rock acts (indie, alternative, country, jam), most of them locally based, hold court almost every night of the week. 513 N. 36th St., 206-632-0212, www.highdiveseattle.com.

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