Etta's Seafood

It's surprising that more people don't take advantage of Etta's for a quick after-work bite and/or drink. True, the happy-hour menu is strictly limited, and the drinks are only discounted by a dollar (from $7 to $6). But both sides of the menu are first-rate. For $1, you get about as many curried cashews as two people probably ought to eat in one sitting, and a mound of marinated olives is generous for a mere $2. More substantial appetizers, mostly derived from the main menu, appear and disappear with the seasons. Now that shellfish are back in season, the Little Fried Oyster Sandwich with malt-vinegar tartar sauce may soon be making a $3 reappearance; currently in that slot, you'll find a pulled-pork sandwich with a little side of coleslaw. A dispassionate cocktail fancier might admit to being of two minds about most of the signature cocktail lineup. The Pink Owie is not as saccharine as its name, but by the time you work your way down through the citrus-zinged Absolut to the little pool of pomegranate syrup at the bottom, it's moving in that direction. The Metaxa sidecar tastes a little like a stripped-down margarita, on the sweet side but definitely packing a clout. And I can't imagine anyone turning down one of Etta's justly famous horseradish Bloody Marys; in fact, a couple of them are almost a substitute for dinner. 2020 Western Ave., 206-443-6000 PIKE PLACE MARKET

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