Caffe Fiore

Upper Queen Anne is far from the great outdoors, but you'd never know it. Caffe Fiore's rosy wood floors, pumpkin-colored walls, and sun-drop glass fixtures—even the slight scent of wood chips—are all marks of its green sensibility. Just a stone's throw from Trader Joe's, Fiore is proudly preservative-free, down to its tidy selection of vegan nibbles from Mighty-O donuts and the Flying Apron organic bakery. Fiore uses only Dagoba organic chocolate in their drinks; goldbrick bars of the stuff are also available at the counter ($3). The dark chocolate roseberry (rosehips and raspberry, $3) is a fine complement to a tall americano ($2)—the cafe's rich Rosetto espresso blend, along with the popular, nutty Sumatra, is roasted in the company's own Capitol Hill facility. Flying Apron's substantial berry-oat bars ($3.50 apiece) are soft, sticky, and cakelike, not dry like a lot of wheat-, gluten-, and—let's face it—flavor-free "treats." This offshoot of the original Ballard store is a comfy respite in Starbucks Town, and free Wi-Fi keeps the low-key corner cafe lousy with laptops and gossip on weekday afternoons. In Upper Anne's ever-expanding shopping district, Fiore's idealism stand out. 224 W. Galer St., 206-282-1441. QUEEN ANNE

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