Gallery 1412

Whereas most venues are run by two or three typically underpaid and underappreciated employees, Gallery 1412 operates on a cooperative model. Members—there are usually upwards of 10 at any given time—pay dues and use the space to rehearse their own work and to put on shows. Local musicians like pianist-composer Gust Burns, multi-instrumental improv artist Tom Swafford, and the Dead Science's Sam Mickens are all members and, thus, de facto bookers. The shows reflect their personal styles and sensibilities; free jazz, experimental ensembles, avant rock, noise, and sound art fill the calendar. Food and drink are not served, there's an almost socialist approach to entry fees (a pay-what-you-can sliding scale of $5 to $15 is the norm), and an anti-decor decor creates an atmosphere that, happily, allows you to focus on the performance. 1412 18th Ave., 206-322-1533,

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