Audrey McManus

Sex toy specialist

The affable Audrey McManus used to build hydrogen generators in Connecticut—she even has a patent on a water-tank invention. But when she came out to a close co-worker friend and the woman instantly quit talking to her, she knew it was time for a nicer place and profession. "It wasn't where my heart was. I wanted to sell sex toys." Now she sells passion generators as Babeland's education coordinator, and here are her patented tips.

Babeland's Greatest Hit: "Definitely the Rabbit Habit [a cute, triply vibrating dildo]. The shy girl on Sex and the City locked herself in the bathroom with it, and they had to do an intervention. Did wonders for its reputation, and it's our best seller to this day. It's a bit pricey: $86."

For Guys and Girls Gone Mildly Wild: "The Passion's Prisoners Kit ($50) for couples who are a little bit adventurous. The cuffs are red velvety tufts with Velcro and a little tickle feather. Also, there's a massage candle with scented, low-burning-temperature soy wax. Drip it on your skin, it won't burn, but it's warm. Obviously not for somebody who's really into BDSM."

Stealth Sex Toy: "The Strawberry Sponge in the Saucy Girl Kit ($55). It vibrates, but it's discreet, sitting there on the tub. You can say, 'I'm just using it as a sponge!'"

What Tom Cruise and Katie Need: "They seem very much in love, so they might like exploring, say, the Sweet Sensations Kit ($44), with cinnamon-flavored Midnite Fire Massage Lotion. It gets nice and hot and tastes pretty good—rub it on and lick it off. The Sweet Body Paints come in blueberry, lemon, cherry, and watermelon—again, paint it on, lick it off. So probably after that, you wanna hop in the bath with a Mini Bubble Bath Cupcake Fizzy. It's shaped like a cupcake."

Support Your Local Lubricant: "We use Babe Lube ($2 for 1 ounce)—it's the same stuff as Slippery Stuff, which is made in Puyallup. I used to buy it in Connecticut. Very few people are irritated by it—no taste, no odor. It's good for anal play, vaginal play, external play. That's why we love it. Some people can put whipped cream and chocolate all over themselves and be just fine, but most will probably get a yeast infection." So, go Babe Lube instead.

Gals, Discover Your G-Force: "The G-spot really does exist! We have a whole class on it, and a little info sheet on G-spotting. It's in the urethral sponge, analogous to the prostate in men. It kind of feels similar to having to pee—I don't know how else to describe it. But it can be a more satisfying orgasm."

Go Au Naturel: "I have a friend who says toys are unnatural. But it's all natural! Do you use condoms? Lube? I totally think they can be romantic. Sex is fun and funny, sex toys are fun and funny. Trying something new is romantic, new, fun, scary, and exciting. Unless you're me and you have 700 sex toys, and you're like, 'Oh, another vibe.'"

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