Grant Bailey

Guest services supervisor, Hotel Max

The artfully innovative Hotel Max gives its employees two job titles: one traditional and one tongue-in-cheek. To wit: Grant Bailey's name tag designates him as "The Man." As such, the 30-year-old boy next door is expected to perform miracles at a moment's notice in order to make his guests' Seattle stay more memorable. Perhaps because the Max offers a few special, um, packages (the Hubba Hubba Hanky Panky includes late check-out privileges as well as chocolates and wine; the Gaycation a "climax box"), these miracles often have to do with matters of the heart.

Never-fail date restaurants: The Palace Kitchen and the Pink Door.

Never-fail singles spots: Joey's on Lake Union and Fox Sports Grill downtown.

Best rentable date movie: "This will sound cheesy, but my girlfriend forced me to watch it: The Notebook."

Best spot for savoring that morning-after glow: Bailey steers guests toward the Uptown Espresso on Seventh Avenue and Virginia Street because it's quiet and the foam is velvety.

Seattle-centric souvenir gifts: Depending on the budget, either a "small piece of jewelry with a small emerald" or a fun souvenir from Ye Olde Curiosity Shop on Pier 54. "You can't go wrong with one of those squished pennies."

How to approach the person you've got your eye on: "Give a specific compliment, or have a specific conversation starter. 'How'd you think Hasselbeck did in the Super Bowl?' will get things started, even if you don't really know much about the Seahawks. Also, approach the person by yourself. Women go out in groups a lot, and that can be intimidating, so if a woman can detach herself it's going to be easier on everyone. You have to isolate yourself and the person you want to talk to. That's the key—and never use a line."

Most romantic spot in Seattle: "Besides anywhere in Safeco Field, probably Alki Beach. So much emphasis is put on the Sound, but the city is pretty great to look at, too."

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