Special ♥ Issue

Valentine's Day advice for singles, couples, and even cynics.

Audrey McManus - Sex-toy specialist

Troy Nelson - Record-store clerk

Susan Greenwood - Jewelry buyer

Susanna Carr - Romance novelist

Sean Mead - Wine therapist

Eileen Mintz - Matchmaker

Fred Olander - Bus driver

Grant Bailey - Concierge

David Barash - Zoologist

Seattle Weekly's writers have been to the very corners of the city searching for the lowdown on hookups — from the proper music to play on a first date to how to choose a diamond.

Cupid's Twisted Arrow

True tales of bizarre hookups prove that love is everywhere.

By Judy McGuire


A Valentine's Day survey of the pages of love.

By Kellie Hwang

Cooks' Books for Couples

Forgot to make reservations? We found six books that'll save your Valentine's Day.

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