Troy Nelson

Record store clerk

For more than three years, Troy Nelson has helped Easy Street customers hit the right notes when it comes to love. Whether it's Slayer or the Temptations, he's got a recommendation for nearly every kind of romantic encounter.

The best love song ever: His current choice is "I Love You" by A Band of Bees, but he says Air Supply's "All Out of Love" is a classic.

Best first-date music: If she's dressed up, Nelson's pick is Franz Ferdinand. But if she's dressed down, "she might be more hip to the scene," in which case, try "any of the groups Franz Ferdinand copy," such as Gang of Four.

Best make-out tunes: Anything Motown. He especially recommends the Temptations.

The album that says "I'm into you, but not ready to commit":Electric Warrior by T. Rex.

The album that reignites the passion: Lovage's Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By.

Best music to listen to during sex: The Femurs—they're punk rock "with a horny groove."

Nelson and his girlfriend's song: "Baba O'Riley" by the Who.

Music that will help you score tonight: First, try obscure jazz to "make her think you're smart," but "if that fails, Slayer."

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