Our Top 20 Best Ways to Compare Magazines

How newly launched Seattle Metropolitan stacks up against established Seattle.

You tried to attend the 1999.com-caliber gala kickoff at the Paramount on Saturday, Feb. 25, and maybe you even got in, but don't let all that free booze and food (see ArtsBuzz) — lavished by the Portland moneybaggers who have launched Seattle Metropolitan — impair your judgment. Here's a fair and balanced comparison of upstart Seattle Met, as it calls itself for short, and well-established Seattle.


Seattle Metropolitan




1. Cover headline

"65 Best Ways to Love Our City"

"40 Amazing Years in Our History"

2. Issue significance

Arrival of lots of Portland publishing money.

Fortieth anniversary of the launch of Pacific Search, a Seattle ancestor—although DNA test results are pending.

3. Cover story's essence

Genius has "always been there. Seattle's just too modest to boast about it. It's time we did."

"For better or worse, these people ... and events ... shaped our city into the vibrant, complicated and innovative metropolis it is today."

4. Gravitas/bummer stories

Interview with and profile of "intelligent design" pusher Bruce Chapman of the Discovery Intitute; an examination of the transportation bureaucracy, including opening quotes from someone at the Discovery Institute.

A guide to all the disasters we could have, including earthquakes, tsunamis, lahars, and bird flu; the possible dangers of being a member of the Mountaineers.

5. Bill Gates

Appears in an article about the Washington News Council's recent roast of his father.

Appears in the famous photo of him as a seventh-grader with ninth-grader Paul Allen at Lakeside School.

6. Rock biographer Charles R. Cross

Pens an article about taking his son to see Paul McCartney.

Pens brief blurbs about Jimi, Kurt, and "Seattle Cool," and why he moved to the burbs.

7. Image of the Space Needle

Kicks off the cover story inside:

"1. Aspiration"

On the cover and with the cover story inside: "A Fair to Remember"

8. The Lusty Lady

Article, with sidebar listing "dirty dozen" examples of clever sayings on the sign.

Five examples of clever sayings on the sign.

9. Chef Tom Douglas

Cooked at the gala launch party Saturday, Feb. 25, at the Paramount.

Pictured in the cover story.

10. Author Tom Robbins

Mentioned in the cover story.

Writes a brief item for the cover story.

11. Glass conjurer Dale Chihuly

Conspicuously absent!

Profiled in the cover story.

12. Architecturally interesting libraries pictured

Ballard branch


13. Obligatory in/out list

"Wash-In, Wash-Out": the Seahawks, Blackberry devices, tourists, St. Patrick's Day, rain, space travel.

"The Pulse": Car washes, designer handbags, comedy, marriage proposals, chocolate.

14. Obligatory two pages of frivolous but photogenic stuff you can buy

Everything is green! Item: argyle dog sweater.

Item: tea brewer that doubles as a lantern.

15. Profile of fascinating University of Washington bigwig

Kathleen Woodward, director of the Simpson Center for the Humanities

Philip Ballinger, director of admissions

16. Pictures of people in formalwear at civic events



17. Spring fashion

"Living Dolls," a 10-page spread about clothing available for under $5,000.

"Life Is Beautiful," a "beauty update" including best new salons and spas, and where to get designer wax jobs.

18. Featured wine

From Tuscany.

From Washington.

19. Multi-page timelines

Bruce Chapman's life coincident with the rise of "intelligent design."

The past 40 years of Seattle history.

20. Back cover advertisement

A Rolex watch, available at Alvin Goldfarb Jeweler.

Diamonds, available at International Jewelers.


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