Jules Maes Saloon

Jules Maes Saloon originally opened in the late 1800s, serving Georgetown's factory workers—who probably never would have guessed that the neighborhood would one day become an artist enclave. By its 100th birthday, it was as good a place as any to watch the occasional punk band, down cheap beer, wrestle a greasy pork chop, and intercept stink eyes from the regulars. Tragically, however, by mid-2000, just as Georgetown was starting to play host to more than the occasional punk band and offer something other than greasy pork chops to residents and visitors, Jules Maes' mother-son ownership team had had enough. Fast-forward to last year, when the proprietors of Belltown's Shorty's Coney Island swooped in and saved the day. Now with a decent-sized band room, a fully loaded bar, a calendar full of special events and DJ nights, and a general sense of old and improved (which in this case is preferable to new and improved), Jules Maes is definitely back in action. 5919 Airport Way S., 206-957-7766, www.julesmaessaloon.com.

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