Iraq by the Numbers

An update after three years of the mission.

122: Number of obituaries Seattle Weekly has published about Washington service members killed in Iraq since war was launched March 20, 2003.

73: Children left behind by Washington service members killed in Iraq.

49: Widows, and one widower, left behind.

2,300: American service members killed since war began.

2,172: Killed since George Bush's May 1, 2003, "Mission Accomplished" speech.

6,500: Troops wounded in action in Iraq.

20,000: Troops evacuated with medical/psychological conditions.

18,000: Armored vests recalled because they weren't bulletproof.

$100,000: Per-minute cost of war in Iraq.

$493 billion: Amount Pentagon says it needs to operate this fiscal year.

$583 billion: What it will actually cost.

$8: Daily amount wounded troops are personally charged for hospital meals.

25: Estimated number of service members who committed suicide in Iraq.

35: Percentage of Iraq veterans accessing mental health services after returning home.

11: Homicides and suicides in Western Washington since 2003 involving active servicemen or veterans of Iraq.

6: Wives slain, along with one girlfriend and a child.

0: Weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq.

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