Buck's Kurry Factory

Spend half an hour at Buck's Kurry Factory during lunch or dinnertime and you'll probably see a couple of Metro bus drivers, a cop or two, and a pair of greasy coveralls. Most of them are in for takeout, so the Factory—formerly home to Kurry King, and, before that, the garage-rock venue and bar Industrial Coffee—is rarely crowded, and lines are minimal. This is nice, because it means you have some time to chat with Buck and his wife, Mary. Mary runs the cash register; Buck makes the curries, about five or six (from a repertoire of 10) each day. The Thai-style green curry, which looks yellow, is prepared with chicken and loaded with bamboo shoots. Coconut milk dominates—until, that is, you accidentally chomp on a red hot Thai chili. The mild Japanese-style yellow curry, oddly, looks green, and is cooked with onions, potatoes, carrots, and celery. The result is not unlike an American dinner of chicken—or pork, depending on Buck's whim—with gravy. Peanuts, stewed so long they resemble water chestnuts, add texture to fragrant and spicy red Masman curry. None of these preparations is particularly complex, but the price is right. A big scoop of rice with your choice of curry goes for $4.25; for $5.25, you get an extra scoop of rice. And for an extra 25 cents, you can upgrade to nutritious, nutty brown rice instead of the fluffy white stuff. 5503 Airport Way S., 206-767-8075. GEORGETOWN

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