Near the very top of the list of things a person shouldn't ever get for cheap are oysters—unless a person is getting cheap oysters at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel's Shucker's during happy hour. Monday through Friday from 3 to 5 p.m., they're a paltry 50 cents each, and because Shucker's does top-notch seafood, you know they're not going to serve last week's catch. (Perhaps the only other exception would be if a person were getting them at Flying Fish's happy hour, where they go for a ridiculous 25 cents each.) "Big or small oysters?" the gentleman bartender asked us. Fulfilling our request for the latter, he brought us an iced platter decked out with a few raw Kumamotos on their half-shell, as well as some sweet little babies from Penn Cove and elsewhere, and some mignonette sauce and lemons. Sure, we felt giddy enjoying a dozen bivalves for just six bucks, and the Sauvignon blanc ($4; you might opt for a $2 beer or margarita) didn't help, but the dark-walled, library-esque Shucker's is the kind of place that inspires composure and reserve. You'll need that extra dose of dignity when the bartender places a giant goblet of the kitchen's gratis house-made cheese crisps in front of you. Remember, you're already enjoying oysters at an absurdly low price; should you really reach for yet another irregularly shaped sheet of spicily baked parmesan? 411 University St., 206-621-1984. DOWNTOWN

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