5449 Ballard Ave. N.W., 206-297-050

Eric Fridrich

Chicago transplant Fridrich leads his trio—with Lamar Lofton on upright bass and Johnny Conga on percussion—to new musical directions each week in the cafes and venues of Seattle. Well-versed in acoustic guitar and influenced by Eastern modalities, Fridrich is also known for using his harmonica as a "second voice," creating musical movements in which all the pieces sing. New Artist. 7 p.m.

Johanna Kunin

Born and raised in Minneapolis, Kunin came to Seattle to attend Cornish College, where she studied vocal improv. Kunin heard her voice as she heard other instruments, and "played" it as such before eventually swinging around and facing—head-on—the more ordered structures of pop music. Strains of the singer/songwriter/pianist's avant-garde training can still be heard in the sweet and sad songs she plays. Earlier this year, we described her as "Joni Mitchell times Beth Orton divided by peaceful open spaces." New Artist. 8 p.m.

Korby Lenker

Lenker's latest effort, 2005's King of Hearts (Singular), is the seventh album in five years from the former frontman of newgrass sensations the Barbed Wire Cutters. Bridging a gap between alt-country and rhythmic pop, Lenker's songwriting is marked by both rugged sentiment and heartfelt emotion while exuding the lived-to-tell-it honesty of his bluegrass roots. Americana/Folk/Country. 9 p.m.

DJ Recess

Recess' genre-smashing sets are a staple of Shameless nights at Chapel, but he's also noted as an all-around supporter of the scene. Dropping everything from Cut Copy to Spank Rock into his mixes, he displays an infectious love of music that's kept him in the forefront of the Seattle club world. DJ/Turntablist. 10 p.m.

DJ Zacharia

A poster boy for drum and bass in Seattle, DJ Zacharia was strongly influenced by his high-school punk-rock- playing days before discovering techno. What some describe as the punk rock of club music, DJ Zacharia found a happy medium in d'n'b. He founded the 360BPM collective in 1995 with four other DJs, to spread their love of the genre to Seattleites. Now working solo under the 360BPM moniker, DJ Zacharia continues rocking out and keeping clubbers moshing nightly. DJ/Turntablist. Midnight.

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