Sunset Tavern

5433 Ballard Ave. N.W., 206-784-4880

DJ Scorpio

He's a hardworking fixture in Seattle's indie-rock dance scene, assembling rock, glam, classic punk, and new wave sets like a true music lover. Check the light poles for his brilliantly bawdy posters for  the Kult (second Thursdays at Kincora's) and Deep Cuts (first Wednesdays at the Mercury) monthlies—or just catch him opening for the best bands in town. DJ/Turntablist. Between bands.

Maiden Seattle

This Iron Maiden tribute act testifies to their role model's continuing popularity by gigging almost nonstop. Zeroing in on Maiden's key catalog (albums like The Number of the Beast and Killers), they also speak to the enduring power of '80s metal. Runnn forrr the hiiills! Cover/Tribute. 5 p.m.

Nigel Mustafa

Aka the Nigel Mustafa Memorial Quartet, they're the masters of the irreverent mash-up. Smashing rock, country, ska, hip-hop, and reggae into a style they call "avant tard," their most recent album is titled Little Box of Barf. We hear one of these nutcases is a high-school teacher, but don't worry about Nigel corrupting innocent minds—in the "Spinal Tap realm of ridiculousness," said vocalist Steve Parris to the P-I, they're too hilarious to truly offend. Metal/Hard Rock. 6 p.m.


In early April, Girth added to their considerable two-man breadth by taking on two members of Swarming Hordes. Pulverizing progressions times breakneck speed plus ultraheavy layers of thick, dark sludge—with some acoustic guitars, perhaps, thrown in here and there for good measure? Whoa. These purveyors of new-math metal-core splunge (that's like grunge, but with more spleening) have built a name on making plenty out of not too much. Just imagine what they'll do as a four-piece. Metal/Hard Rock. 7 p.m.

Sunday Night Blackout

The band lives up to its name with a throwback to '80s hard rock: loud, ear-piercing tracks, partying till dawn, and tight leather pants. Mix together a cup of Mötley Crüe, a dash of AC/DC, and a sprinkle of Whitesnake, and you may have an idea of what it's like to get down with Blackout. Metal/Hard Rock. 8 p.m.

The Valley

Crunchy, heavy-handed rock chords meet with garage-punk fury. The Valley are loud and heavy, yet melodic enough to be carried by sing-along melodies. Combining the clattering of the Hot Rollers and a touch of Melvins-style sludge, the band comes off like a synthesis of the best '90s grunge. Five years after their formation, the Valley released their self-titled debut in 2005. New Artist. 9 p.m.

The Hollowpoints

Anti-conformist punk outfit the HollowPoints won't take crap from anyone—and that includes you. Ears are perking up to their rough sound and powerful messages; the young band has already been embraced in Europe, and is currently touring there before returning for a nationwide stint. Reviewer Chris Pacifico summed it up when he wrote: "We need their blatant disgust for the sociopolitical climate right here and now." Expect hard-driving guitar riffs, guttural vocals, and angst-filled lyrics. Don't expect any love ballads or emo-confusion. Punk/Hardcore. 10 p.m.


"Edu-core," indeed! Since 1995, we've been hit in the head with "The Lost City of Atlantis" a couple of times by these science fiction–obsessed freaks, who like to bestow that greatest of gifts—knowledge—on their fans by hurling books during their speed-metal sets. They're on a mission, and ya better just listen—if you can make out the words, you might learn a thing or two about Huxley, the Cthulhu, and reading "the Metal Way." With a kick-ass book called Mecca/Metal and an upcoming Alternative Tentacles album, there are even more ways to learn. Metal/Hard Rock. 11 p.m.

Go Like Hell

A favorite among punk circles for as long as they've existed, GLH were born from a shared love of Kiss, Hellacopters, and Motörhead. Now comprising founding members Luvleggs and Elvis Christ, Frank Lee Tragic, and Oil Can Henry, they're joined by hell-raising, Wendy O. Williams–channeling vocalist Alexi Void. Their scorched-earth reign continues with the soon-to-be-released Blood, Smut, and Fear. Punk/Hardcore. Midnight.

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