DJ Mamma Casserole

Spinning a wide mix of garage, pop, soul, and punk, DJ Mama Casserole has been responsible for some of Seattle's finest club


Tractor Tavern

5213 Ballard Ave. N.W., 206-789-3599

DJ Mamma Casserole

Spinning a wide mix of garage, pop, soul, and punk, DJ Mama Casserole has been responsible for some of Seattle's finest club nights in recent years. From Chinese Rocks, her vintage- punk showcase at the War Room, to her co-promotion of the Baltic Room's W.I.R.E., Miss Casserole approaches every party with a passion for music and a sense of community. DJ/Turntablist. Between bands.

FCS North

Say Go (Mass Mvmnt) is the latest from electronica outfit FCS North, who've done what few Seattle bands dare by combining machine-made grooves with real-life instrumentation and sexily subdued vocals. But chill-out music it's not. Andy, Joshua, and Mune's live shows, like their DJ sets, are made to keep the body movin'. Electronica. Between bands.

Joy Wants Eternity

"Your music is daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn sexy," says a fan of this instrumental group, who work spaced-out and contemplative sounds like Explosions in the Sky and Godspeed before them. It takes the talents of five to create their shimmering wall of sound: guitarists Michael, Sal, Rob, and Salo (two of whom also play the Rhodes organ, an unbeatable mood builder) and drummer Emory. Is it date night yet? Make out to this right here. New Artist. 6 p.m.

Central Services

(Members of Math and Physics Club)

You can hear traces of Unrest and the easy-breezy Teenbeat pop ethos on We're All Smarter Now, the self-released EP from these Boston transplants. Telling stories with tenderness like Belle & Sebastian's Stuart Murdoch is drummer-vocalist Kevin Emerson. His fellow Bostonian Jeff Blancato adds bass, joined by Damien Koemans on lead guitar and Math and Physics Club member Ethan Jones on acoustic guitar. These boys have the soundtrack to your next aimless Sunday drive. Pop/Rock. 7 p.m.

The Lonely H

Port Angeles' retro-rock whippersnappers pleased the people earlier this year with their Control Group debut, Kick Upstairs, which shows a young band not afraid to wear its true heart on its sleeve. With just one member of age (to vote, that is), they've already got an adoring fan base because of their exuberant live shows. New Artist. 8 p.m.


Power-pop-rock trio Cantona—named after the legendary French footballer, Eric Cantona—create very listenable music with their clean, catchy melodies, inspired by the whimsical Sundays and pop-standard Beatles. Working with the Posies' Jon Auer last year to produce the self-issued EP A Sort of Smile, the band undoubtedly has mainstream potential. Pop/Rock. 9 p.m.

Velella Velella

Like the by-the-wind sailor—the deep blue jellyfishlike hydroid this electro-rock quartet is named after—Velella's music is an inspired work of nature. The simple elements of guitar, bass, shaker, and tambourine meet just about every kind of vibraphone and piano there is to create a buoyant, joyful disco-funk wave. Electronica. 10 p.m.


You might have seen Colin Johnson working the door at indie hot spot Chop Suey, but dude has a much more interesting day job in this highly electrified outfit, manning the turntables and sampling alongside vocalist-guitarist Zadok, pianist Joel Eby, and guitarist-bassist Neal Vickers. Everyone works double duty, and the work has paid off on their new, self-released Windchimes and Landmines EP. Electronica. 11 p.m.

Tim Seely

After his Actual Tigers' (mis)adventures in the major-label world, this singer- songwriter took a slight left turn into what he's called "space folk . . . for hard-luck lovers." Both accessible and a little weird around the edges, Seely's recent Funeral Music (Slow Love) has made a solid mark, landing him on such high-profile bills as this year's Sasquatch! festival. All signs point to movin' on up. Americana/Folk/Country. Midnight.

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