Nestled between Barca and one of those cursed properties that changes hands as often as underwear, the Vogue is an institution for two reasons. The legend is as follows: Nirvana played their first show there! But the grunge den of yesterday is the Belltown rock-star salon of today, where the sloppy and beautiful go to get their coifs artfully tousled. So the Vogue moved its operations up to Cap Hill, where it remains Seattle's best-known spot for dancing in the "Dark" (although the Boss and Courteney Cox wouldn't be caught dead here). Unlike the area's other goth-industrial establishment, membership dues aren't needed, and the clientele is less intimidating than scene virgins might think. For rotating themes, the Vogue offers up Isolation, Fetish (Fridays, with C-89 DJ Paul Aleinikoff), and Time Warp, with resident DJ Eternal Darkness forsaking irony for the cause on Wednesdays and Sundays. Who cares if you were born after Bauhaus' prime or have never been to Germany? Under the benevolent eye of the Vogue's black-lit Medusa, you can be whomever you want. 1516 11th Ave., 206-324-5778, www.vogueseattle.com.

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