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Perfect summer moments recalled by a chef, a tour guide, a musician, a yogi, a little leaguer, and others.

Khanh Doan: My perfect summer stage mishap

"It was our last Shakespeare in the Park performance of the Scottish play, and we reached the point where the witches compel Macbeth, played by John Bogar, to violently dunk his head into a cistern. He seemed to take much longer than usual, and when he finally got up, we were horrified to see streams of blood running down his face! He had gashed his forehead on the cistern and almost passed out, but he kept going like a madman and gave a chilling performance. The audience, of course, thought it was just the same fake blood that we used in other parts of the play. Little did they know it was real blood flowing from his veins." Doan is an actress based in Seattle. GAVIN BORCHERT

James Mercer: My perfect summer show

"On summer tours, it can get really sweaty if you're playing in clubs. One time in Newcastle, England, it was so hot and I had run out of T-shirts and the only shirt I could find was a Shins shirt. I didn't want anyone to know I was wearing a Shins shirt, so I wore a flannel shirt over the top. After the show, I was able to wring the shirt out and fill a glass with my own sweat. Then I was challenged by the opening band to drink it ... and so I did." Mercer sings and plays guitar for the Shins,, He is at work on a new record. BRIAN J. BARR

Jeffrey Taylor: My perfect summer sound

"I spent part of my youth growing up in Virginia; summers there are accompanied by the incessant symphonies of crickets and frogs—a perfect summer sound in my book, and something I do miss living here in Seattle. Here, the perfect summer sound has been playing old hillbilly songs in my friend Clare's beautiful garden. Barbecue, cold beer, and a few friends playing into the night: lovely. But maybe I should ask my mother to FedEx a box of crickets? Jeffrey Taylor is one-half of the avant-garde duo Climax Golden Twins and more than one-half of Wall of Sound Records, 315 E. Pine St., 206-441-9880, LAURA CASSIDY

Tatum Taylor: My perfect summer at-bat

"I thought the pitch was going to hit me at first, but then it curved over the plate. I hit it. I was in shock because I was surprised I hit it that far, and when they threw the ball in, I thought I was going to be out. But I ran and almost caught up to both runners ahead of me, and I was safe at home. Got a three-run homer. That was the most exciting hit that I ever had playing with this team." Taylor plays with the Rainier Auto Body Black Sox of Rainier District Little League. LYNN JACOBSON

Anne Phyfe Palmer: My perfect summer calm

"One of my favorite summer activities involves a Hatteras rope hammock. We set ours up under our enormous cherry tree that provides lots of shade and lots to look up at from our vantage point in Madison Valley. Swinging in a hammock is an immediate retreat into bliss." Palmer is the director of 8 Limbs Yoga Centers, 500 E. Pike St., 206-325-8221, MOLLY LORI

Jerry Traunfeld: My perfect summer supper

"A few years ago, my partner, Stephen, my dogs, and I lolled around a drop-dead gorgeous lake that we had entirely to ourselves in Necklace Valley, the day after a grueling climb to get there. Ordinary things taste better when backpacking. We feasted on boxed macaroni and cheese (to which I added sautéed morel mushrooms that were left over from the Herbfarm), and for hours into the afternoon we played Scrabble on a tiny board, drank Pernod, and nibbled on Pepperidge Farm cookies." Chef Jerry Traunfeld creates gastronomic bouquets at the Herbfarm, 14590 N.E. 145th St., Woodinville, 425-485-5300, LAURA CASSIDY

Donald Hogan: My perfect summer cruise

"On my first day of employment at Argosy, our vessel rounded Discovery Park and the West Point Lighthouse, cruising south. Mount Rainier suddenly appeared. It was the first time I had seen the mountain on a crystal-clear afternoon. Our tour passengers stopped asking questions, and every eye on the boat fixed on that mountain. And there I was, in uniform, struggling to maintain professional decorum, actually having trouble talking, choked up and very moved. I had recently relocated to Seattle from New York City, and although the Big Apple is a stunning place, I had never seen anything quite like that." Hogan is a tour guide for Argosy Cruises, Pier 55, 206-623-1445, GAVIN BORCHERT

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My Perfect ... Perfect summer moments recalled by a chef, a tour guide, a musician, a yogi, a little leaguer, and others.

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