Gorditos on Queen Anne

Big burritos at the healthy Mexican restaurant's new, festive outpost.

Lunch time is musical, bustling, and festive at the new Gorditos outpost atop Queen Anne Hill. Its popular first location, in Greenwood, firmly established the healthy Mexican restaurant's reputation. This second location is airy and bright, with off-white walls and wrought-iron chairs that sport palm tree designs. The sweet woman taking our order gave us a teeny piñata (aww) to take to our table so the servers would know where to deliver our food. We had perfectly crisp tortilla chips and delish heated salsa while we waited. Unfortunately, the enormous burritos weren't as impressive as the appetizer. They seemed muy overloaded with the primary ingredient—I had the spinach burrito ($6.25); my dining companion had the steak ($5.25). I didn't get nearly as much tomato or onion as I wanted, and the amount of guacamole could've been oomphed up a few notches. Next time—and there will be a next time—we'll opt for one of Gorditos' plate options, where one can apportion ingredients to taste (the tortillas come on the side). Then, over balanced bites, we'll be able to doubly appreciate the good vibes at this sunny spot.

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