Baltic Room

Butterflies on the ceiling.

The decor of Seattle nightclubs can tread the line between absurd and nonexistent, as anyone can attest who's looked up in the Crocodile or tried not to focus on the clown painting in Neumo's. The Baltic Room—named after a region that includes Russia and Sweden and peppered with paper lanterns and a Buddha statuette or two—is no different. Once a piano bar, the small and idiosyncratic Baltic sits on the slope where Pine meets downtown, an ideal stop during an evening of clubbing, if not the only destination. Long-running dance parties dominate, like electro/indie Members Only and WIRE (rotating Wednesdays), Friday's Metro hip-hop party, and Saturday's I ♥ Shiva, now in its fourth year. Newer nights showcase the darker side of IDM (No Tomorrow on Sundays), and minimal techno (Oscillate on Tuesdays), with DJ collective SunTzu Sound organizing the soulful Safari monthly. Welcome to the jungle—butterflies and all. RACHEL SHIMP 1207 Pine St., 206-625-4444,

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