The whitewashed Manray pays more homage to Stanley Kubrick's and Woody Allen's futuristic set pieces than the surrealist photographer serving as its namesake. Here, milk-plus is swapped for Tuesday's $7 martini special, and the "Orgasmatron" for Europop videos streaming on a stack of modular monitors and screens dotting the spacecraft-shaped bar. A lot to take in, especially in such a small space, which is enlarged significantly by spare diner furniture. You can count on drag performances, Monday night karaoke, and a roster of DJs (not to mention the constantly shifting rainbow of Manray's ambient lighting) for a spot of color. Better yet, order a colorful cocktail like the amber-hued Zen Martini (Zen green tea liqueur, Absolut Citron), classic Pink Lady Cosmo, or Tang-free Orange Burst (Absolut Mandarin, splashes of lemon-lime soda, and O.J.), or a snack from the no-nonsense bar menu (burgers, nachos, spring rolls). If Crystal Waters were a beverage, you might find it here. 514 E. Pine St., 206-568-0750,

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