Ana Orselli and Jerry Perez

Best Ice-Cream Innovators

Seattleites know how to distinguish good espresso from bad espresso. And the beer drinkers among us can easily detect a well-made microbrew. Knowing this, Porteño transplants Ana Orselli and Jerry Perez thought it was odd that there was no ice-cream culture here like there was in Buenos Aires. After all, the same skills used for evaluating coffee (or beer) are used for discerning fine ice cream. The couple resolved to oomph up the area's ice-cream scene by creating the Bainbridge Island–based Mora Iced Creamery. Mora's high-quality, incredible tasting ice cream is crafted using Smith Brothers Farms milk and mostly local ingredients. Slow Food advocates Orselli and Perez keep their batches small; they also core their own pineapples and roast their own hazelnuts for specific flavors. They opened Mora's first retail shop, in Bellevue Square, last summer. A year later, the duo rolled out a similar shop on Bainbridge Island, where 45 flavors sit in custom stainless steel containers (to preserve freshness). Here, try Mora's newest flavors of ice cream, lavender and honey, or opt for summery watermelon and cantaloupe sorbets. After the smooth treats, check out some of Orselli and Perez's favorite haunts on the island, where they have lived with their two kids since 2002. Nonknitter Orselli suggests Churchmouse Yarns & Teas for aesthetic reasons. ("The colors and textures of the yarns are amazing. For me, it's like a spiritual retreat!") Perez recommends taking in the views from Fay Bainbridge State Park or the paradiselike Bloedel Reserve. Orselli and Perez also advise hitting the farmers market. "The first time I visited the market, I returned home, woke up my family, and made them come back with me to see it for themselves," says Orselli. Kind of like what we did the first time we tried a cone from Mora. After that, we knew that Ben & Jerry's just wouldn't cut it anymore.—Molly Lori

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