The Mostly Unfabulous Social Life of Ethan Green

Opens at Varsity, Fri., Aug. 4. Rated R. 88 minutes.

Based on a comic strip that runs primarily in gay publications, this directorial debut from Dodgeball assistant director George Bamber fails to add an essential third dimension to the proceedings. When a movie informs you up front not to feel sorry for its hapless hero (Daniel Letterle) because all his problems are his own fault, it's hard to take seriously any romantic crises that ensue. You can tell it's based on a comic strip because the sets and costumes are made up of primary colors, but aside from one nifty animated sequence, the story isn't worthy of Will & Grace, with Ethan pining over an ex-boyfriend (David Monahan) who just happens to also be the landlord about to evict him and "marry" a Log Cabin Republican (Scott Atkinson). Gay audiences may be amused by the variety of queer stereotypes on display, but the characters are all so stupid and unlikable that the religious right could just as easily use this film to make people hate gay marriage. LUKE Y. THOMPSON

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