More ConWorks Changes

Also: Lots about the "L" word.


After announcing over a month ago that the arts organization would not renew its lease, Consolidated Works'artistic director, Corey Pearlstein, and operations director, Andy Fife, have stepped down. In the press release issued Monday, Aug. 7, ConWorks board President Allena Gabosch said, "We would love to be able to keep Corey and Andy onboard during this transition, but after reviewing all aspects of the situation, it is not really possible for the organization or for them. Corey is eager to put on new programming, and we will not have a house to host it for an undetermined period of time. It would not be right for us to ask him to wait indefinitely." This does not bode well for the foundering organization, which did not offer any other concrete news about its future. The only hint is that the Web site is still up as it was, and the release promises a new postal address soon. In this case, no news is not good news. ADRIANA GRANT


Fans of, an innovative, informative, and very entertaining lesbian-focused Web site, will find few changes—but can expect more fun—after its sale by Erosion Media, along with sibling sites and, to Logo, a division of Viacom Inc.'s MTV Networks. Seattle-area resident Sarah Warn Jellen, co-founder of Erosion Media and editor/producer of, will continue her duties as executive producer with Logo, and Michael Jensen of Tacoma will continue to edit "There aren't going to be too many substantive changes to the Web sites," Jellen says, "although probably some cosmetic ones. We are running more articles each week now, but what we're writing about pretty much stays the same. We do hope to do more things like the movie poster contest we're currently running; it's been a big hit with readers." JOANNE GARRETT


Perhaps hoping to emulate the Bellevue Philharmonic's recent suburban success (a doubling in subscriptions for the 2006–07 season, among other achievements), the Auburn Symphony has announced the creation of a new logo (not strikingly innovative), Web site (, smoothly user-friendly), and slogan: It's All About the Music. With these changes, and with a gala concert scheduled for next January in Benaroya Hall, the group—essentially the Pacific Northwest Ballet's fine resident orchestra under the same conductor (Stewart Kershaw) but playing a different repertory in a different venue—is celebrating its upcoming 10th anniversary, intending to raise its profile. GAVIN BORCHERT

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