The Spice of Life.

Hemingway was onto something. Seattle summers are the stuff of the classics, especially when cooling off with a sweet mojito, the writer's cocktail of choice. So what if Spice, the Chutney's-owned Belltown spread, is spiritually closer to Marrakech than Havana, updated from the dilapidated beachfront shack or party tent a world traveler might favor to W Hotel sleek. And DJs keep the lounge hopping on weekends. The bar menu is still adventurous: duck samosas with Punjabi-style vegetables and tangy tamarind sauce ($8) or the tender Spice burger, coated with cumin and onion ($10); or take advantage of the generous happy-hour menu (weekdays, 4–7 p.m. and 10 p.m.–1 a.m.). We thoroughly enjoyed the duck spring rolls ($3.50), packed tighter than cigars, and spicy tandoori chicken mini-sandwiches (take that, White Castle!) served with a cool, spare cucumber and olive oil salad ($3.50). And there's the mo' itself. Try the rum and mint concoction with mango, the shade of an equatorial sunset. KATE SILVER

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