Accademia d'Amore

Monteverdi's tale of adultery, violence, and tender, melting love comes to SPU.

The Coronation of Poppea (1642), Claudio Monteverdi's elegantly decadent tale of vice rewarded, includes adultery, forced suicide, and a tender, melting love duet—between the two villains. (Call it Desperate Empresses.) Semi-staged excerpts from this and other baroque operas will be presented in two programs as the culmination of a 10-day workshop led by some of the area's finest early-music performers. (Pictured, baroque strings coach Margriet Tindemans.) On Saturday, scenes from Poppea; on Sunday, music by Lully, Purcell, Francesca Caccini (women may have starred in baroque operas, but they almost never wrote them), and others. GAVIN BORCHERT

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