Another Gay Movie

Showing at Varsity, Fri., Sept. 1–Thurs., Sept. 7. Rated NC-17. 92 minutes.

The gay gross-out comedy Adam & Steve was a tame family outing compared to this teen sex farce, which basically puts a homosexual spin on American Pie, gag for gag. Meaning you've got your uncomfortable sex-ed talk with a well-meaning but awkward father; your embarrassing webcam sex escapade accidentally broadcast to the entire school; and, of course, pastry humping. AGM tries so hard to be extreme that it misses the key ingredient of the American Pie films—an underlying sweetness. We laughed at the Pie crew, but ultimately came to care for them. This is not the case with AGM's four high-school seniors, who vow to lose their "Big A" virginity before heading off to college. Nor do we care for the semifamous gay celebs in supporting roles, including comic Graham Norton as an S&M–loving teacher and Survivor winner/tax evader Richard Hatch. (Yes, he's naked in every scene, only without the box blurring out his naughty bits. You've been warned.) Making the best impression is Ashlie Atkinson's Muffler, the lesbian analogue to Seann William Scott's obnoxious jock Stifler, who manages to deflower the entire cheerleading squad in one night. FRANK PAIVA

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