Seattle Weekly's guide to ultrapersonal fall fashion.

What makes a person cool? The most stylish people we know are conscious of their looks but even more conscious about what they have to contribute to a conversation. They're opinionated, funny, humble, and thoughtful—they care about issues beyond their appearance.

In fashion and celebrity magazines, we see unrealistic images every day—people who are styled by makeup, wardrobe, and hair teams, and later their photos are airbrushed. This fall, we want to present fashion role models with looks that are not only stylish but accessible. They aren't fashionistas or runway models, and they don't want to be. Sure, they are aware of fashion trends, but they make what's current their own by giving it their own spin.

On the following pages, we profile four multidimensional (sometimes reluctant) stylemakers, with four very different fashion personalities, who we think embody cool. Use them for inspiration. Then, take your turn: Find your own fashion identity (see p. 57). MOLLY LORI AND ADRIANA GRANT

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