Where Kristen Shops

Creative boutiques.

Buffalo Exchange 4530 University Way N.E., 206-545-0175, www.buffaloexchange.com.

Goodwill 1400 S. Lane St., 206-860-5711, www.seattlegoodwill.org.

Value Village (Capitol Hill) 1525 11th Ave., 206-322-7789, www.valuevillage.com.

Value Village (Crown Hill) 8700 15th Ave. N.W., 206-783-4648, www.valuevillage.com.

Also check out:

Red Light 312 Broadway Ave. E., 206-329-2200, www.redlightvintage.com. Funky finds and a plethora of fashions dating as far back as the 1920s; a great place for Halloween shopping.

Slave to the Needle 508 N.W. 65th St., 206-789-2618, www.slavetotheneedle.org. This award-winning tattoo parlor is unmatched in artistry and health standards.

Stitches (Pictured.) 711 E. Pike St., 206-709-0707, www.stitchesseattle.com. Get your needle on at this vibrant fabric store that offers sewing and knitting classes from beginning to intermediate level.

Velouria 2205 Market St., 206-788-0330, www.shopvelouria.tripod.com. Local artists and designers are spotlighted at this unique, crafty boutique.

Tiffany Wan

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