loudQUIETloud: A Film About the Pixies

Runs at Grand Illusion, Fri., Sept. 29– Thurs., Oct. 5. Not rated. 82 minutes.

A dozen years after the band broke up, the Pixies' 2004 reunion was met with unanimous cheers, even though their motivations (ka-ching) couldn't have been more transparent. Still, fans flocked to their reunion tour, which this short and satisfying backstage documentary follows. Should it be surprising what normal people they seem to be? Before the reunion, drummer David Lovering is occupied with magic and metal detecting. Joey Santiago is raising kids and playing to empty rooms with the Martinis. Bassist Kim Deal's mother says the reunion will give her daughter "something to do besides sewing and making snowflakes, crafty stuff." Group leader Black Francis (aka Charles Thompson) is interviewed in his underwear. More than once. Awkward. We also see how past tensions plague the reunion tour; they still barely speak between performances. For attendees of the reunion shows, the concert footage will be nothing special. The highlight is watching the Pixies come to realize their impact on popular music, particularly after the first show. "That was so exciting," says a wide-eyed Deal. "Those first few moments— I was fucking freaking out." She's not the only one. RACHEL SHIMP

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