El Chupacabra

Cheap pints and $1 chips will give you the strength to inhale your steak burrito.

Deals only apply to pints and well drinks with one mixer (both $2.50) during El Chupacabras happy hour, 46:30 p.m. MondayThursday (a late-night happy hour starts at 10 p.m.). But I figure you can always get the chips and salsa for a dollar to accompany your Lagunitas. Known for sometimes too laid-back service, the legendary Mexican food joint offers mammoth burritos and a slew of renowned margaritas that help you slow down to El Chupacabra speed anyway. Unless youre my skinny buddy Ryan, that is. He ordered a steak burrito ($7.95) so big, the guys at the next table on the outdoor deck bet him a pint that he wouldnt finish it. Not one to run from a challenge, Ryan plowed right through the steaming entree in record time. They made him eat the chips, too. As a testament to the civility of El Chupacabras customer base, the guys ponied up. I got to order two more Lagunitas for myself. Ryan, Im afraid, didnt have room left. KATIE BECKER

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