Hip Hop

Lindy hop, that is, and it couldn't be more happening.

Lindy Hop Championships

It seems fitting that a town known for its airplanes should host a dance event named after a famous flyer. Charles Lindbergh didn't know what he would start when he flew from New York to Paris, but the exhilarating lifts in the Lindy Hop, the spectacular swing dance, gives everyone that same giddy feeling. Come watch the experts, and do a bit of flying yourself. Century Ballroom HaLo, 500 E. Pike St., 8 p.m. Sat. Oct. 7; Washington Dance Club, 1017 Stewart St., 10 a.m. Sun. Oct. 8. 206-784-7398, www.pnwlindyhop.com. $7-$15. SANDRA KURTZ

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