Royal Palm

Break out of the nauseating cycle of mini pizzas and chicken wings with Thai-style happy hour food.

For many Seattleites who don't cook, happy hour is a lifestyle. Unfortunately, too many serial-happy-hour types find themselves stuck in a nauseating cycle of chicken wings and mini-pizzas. Royal Palm can change that. Sure, it's outside of bustling central Seattle, nestled into the second story of a shopping center on 65th and Roosevelt. But the first-rate Thai food is worth the trek. And the restaurant's classier than its location would suggest. Avoid confusion and ask your waiter about the rotating happy hour specials (available 4–7 p.m. daily). If you can, feast on $4.50 plates of crab and cream cheese wontons (amazing comfort food), tofu or prawn spring rolls (refreshing food), or chicken saté skewers with peanut sauce (just plain tasty food). Take consolation in knowing that a $5 glass of Coppola Pinot Grigio will support breast cancer research at Swedish Medical Center. Or seek relaxation in $4.95 cocktails. Don't order the overwhelmingly sweet Royal Palm Tini—the Champagne Rush is better. And rush it will, to your happy head. EMILY PAGE

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