Fremont Ave. and 36th ST.

On Friday nights, Fremont's on fire, fueled by pheromones and Budweiser.

Fremont sometimes smells like patchouli, but more often like pheromones. Like the University District's jokingly named "Heart of Darkness," on Friday nights, the intersections around Fremont Avenue and 36th Street bustle with keg-stand fever. Only here, it costs an average of $6 just to queue up for a drink, and all those MBAs can afford gym-toned bodies and fancy threads to pour them into. Not a Birkenstock in sight!

At the beautiful Brouwer's (400 N. 35th St., 206-267-2437), 50 drafts and 100 bottles skew Belgian, meaning a higher alcohol content for your money and a fancy, bier-appropriate glass. Funky, soulful hip-hop groups regularly hold court at Nectar (412 N. 36th St., 206-632-2020), while next door, the Ballroom (456 N. 36th St., 206-634-2575) packs it in for Top-40/hip-hop, the expansive patio warmed by heaters and hot glances. When in Rome . . . you end the evening at the Red Door (3401 Evanston Ave. N., 206-547-7521), where sobriety is a four-letter word. Like at any college bash worth its hangovers, Depeche Mode is on the sound system, and the passage from the bar to the patio requires hand-holding—and half a pitcher of Budweiser on your shoes.


Bear in Mind...

Uniform, male: Pressed pants and a vertically striped button-down. "It's slimming," explains one wearer.

Uniform, female: Young urbanite staples—the spiked heel, sparkly clutch, and "she's gotta be cold" miniskirt.

Where to go after 2 a.m.: Someone else's bed.

Overheard at the bar: "The Yankees are money-grubbing whores. They fucked up everything that's beautiful about sports!"

Politest society: At a recent Scorpiknoxshow at the High Dive (513 N. 36th St., 206-632-0212), the amount of excuse-mes heard (from headbangers?) was positively frightening.

Where to soak up the booze: Food is served in many of these bars until 1 a.m., but there isn't even a 7-Eleven burrito in walking distance after last call.

Average cocktail price: $4–$6.

Survival tip: Going out in Fremont is a gamble, so make like Vegas and put drink money in one pocket and cab fare in the other. When one runs out, don't dip into the other stash, unless you have a designated driver or a death wish.

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