Pine Street

This Capitol Hill stretch is haven to hipsters, homos, and hot dog vendors.

Capitol Hill's Pine Street, haven to hipsters and homos alike, rarely sees a sleepy night. Testament is the hot dog cart on the corner of Pine and Boylston, present seven nights a week. On any given evening, one can easily hop from a live local show at the intimate, starry-ceilinged Baltic Room (1207 Pine St., 206-625-4444) to a crackin' club night on the starry-skied roof deck of the War Room (722 E. Pike St., 206-328-7666) just one block south. Linda's Tavern (707 E. Pine St., 206-325-1220), a down-home, Western-themed establishment, provides an outdoor patio with an attached smoking lounge. The three-tiered R Place (619 E. Pine St., 206-322-8828) comes recommended for its variety: Sidle up to the casual-vibed bar on the first floor, shoot pool or sprawl across low couches on the loungey middle level, and get hot at the top on the packed dance floor.

Naturally, on Friday and Saturday nights, the foot traffic is heavy, and regular weekday clientele make way— begrudgingly—for the weekend warriors. With its tiki theme, red hues, and strong drinks, the Cha Cha Lounge (506 E. Pine St, 206-329-1101) spills over with twentysomethings, making for a sometimes uncomfortable bathroom wait. Can't hold it? Pop next door to the quieter Bus Stop (508 E. Pine St., 206-322-9123) for a respite from the crowd or head up to Hot Mama's (700 E. Pine St. 206-322-6444) for some piping hot pizza. Any way you slice it, options abound.


Bear in Mind...

Who you'll encounter: Designer-denim-clad gay men and bottle-black-haired hipsters, upper arms decorated with Jerry girl tattoos and legs squeezed into cigarette-leg jeans.

Where to go after 2 a.m.: Metabolize all that sugar-laden alcohol by dancing the rest of the night away at Neighbours (1509 Broadway Ave., 206-324-5358).

Where to soak up the booze: Heat up the night by adding fresh jalapeños to your Burrito Inferno at Bimbo's Bitchin' Burrito Kitchen (506 E. Pine St., 206-329-9978), where there's a high probability you'll be served by a member of Das Llamas or Tiny Vipers.

Juke song that Linda's staff will pay you not to play: "Maps" by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs.

Top-selling dog: Spicy Polish ($4).

Where to bump into that night's Showbox headliner: Cha Cha Lounge.

Where to seek shelter from the scene: The dimly lit bar area of 611 Supreme (611 Pine St., 206-328-0292) boasts cushion-covered benches peppered with pillows, which facilitate conversation over a bottle of red.

Survival tip: For cash, hike a couple of blocks to QFC (401 Broadway Ave.) or navigate through skateboard-toting hardcore kids to reach the ATM at Kincora's (518 E. Pine St.).

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