Weill/Puccini: An Operatic Tale of Two Annas

Decadent oom-pahs.


Two sisters, both named Anna—or possibly one Anna with a severely split personality—set out from their home on the banks of the Mississippi to seek their fortune and encounter the enticements of the title in The Seven Deadly Sins. (Pictured: Lucy Weber and Signe Mortensen as the Annas.) With a satirical text by Bertolt Brecht set to Kurt Weill's decadent oom-pahs, this 1933 one-act opera forms a double bill, in this week's UW School of Music/School of Drama co-production, with Suor Angelica. Never tiring of mistreating his female characters, Puccini pulls out all the stratospherically sentimental stops in this story of a nun and the illegitimate son taken from her. Two tales of sin and redemption, coming from opposite ends of the emotional spectrum—the vivid imagination of director Claudia Zahn will surely pull them together. GAVIN BORCHERT

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