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Get your flow on.


Get Your Flow On

In the world of yoga, there are gurus, and there are teachers like Kimberlee Jensen Stedl, who started Punk Rock Yoga in 2003. She doesn't care what you wear to class, what you chant, or how experienced you areā€”her mission statement is to "scrub the elitism and rigidity out of modern yoga." A large part of that is incorporating live music into the class, which made its earliest homes at the former Vera Project and at Re-bar. On a darkened dance floor, the ambient sounds of a looped, acoustic guitar or a toned-down band effectively get novice yoginis in the mood for movement. When Stedl lost the Vera space, Capitol Hill nonprofit Home Alive (which offers low-cost self-defense classes) began hosting the class weekly. Tonight, 100 percent of the proceeds from the usual drop-in fee benefit Youth Care, an organization serving Seattle's homeless and at-risk youth. It isn't the first benefit class, but it's a good opportunity for first-time or shy participants to try out what may be Seattle's most welcoming, least intimidating yoga practice. The style is vinyasa (flow), and guitarist Paul Pauper will play acoustic versions of punk tunes. And the chanting? "I haven't done the mantra anarchy in a few weeks. I forgot how much fun that is," said Stedl. "The theme for this class is generosity, so I'm thinking we might use the word 'give' as our mantra." CLASS HAS BEEN POSTPONED UNTIL TUES. DEC. 5. Home Alive, 1415 10th Ave., 206-323-HOME, www.homealive.org. $10. 6:30 p.m. RACHEL SHIMP

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