AIDS Evangelists, Willie Nelson, and a Missing Mexican

"Stop pandering to the PC crybabies and get some cojones!"

Helping Hondurans, Too

Thank you for the insightful article on World Vision and its approaches to the HIV/AIDS problem ["The AIDS Evangelists," Nov. 15]. Although the report focused on World Vision activity in Africa, I found, during a just-completed visit to Honduras, that World Vision is vigorously addressing the problem of 60,000 Hondurans who are afflicted with the disease.

Working with the secretary of health of Honduras, World Vision is reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS through a strategy emphasizing prevention, attention, and promotion of justice in its Hope Initiative Against HIV/AIDS. The promoting of human rights and fighting against discrimination for those with the illness is a major focus and challenge of World Vision Honduras.

Bruce McCartney


A coherent 'Muddle'

Alas, I was near resigned to giving up on the SW Village Voice Media LLC conglomerate. Surprise, surprise, it appears there remains someone at Seattle Weekly (Brian Miller) who still has the ability to write coherently. I enjoyed Miller's "Midterm Muddle" piece [Nov. 15]. He hit the nail on the head. Muddled indeed! Liberal impotence? In liberal Washington? King County? Seattle? Democratic ironies? Ironic indeed; higher-ed tuition hikes, school closures, kids don't drink the water! Keep up the good work, Brian; maybe there is hope for corporate news after all.

Dan Grant


The Better Option

I hope my senator-elect, Ed Murray, 43rd District Democrat, will renew his "initial legislative enthusiasm" ["Board Stiffs," Nov. 15] and introduce local option legislation next January that will allow Seattle voters the future opportunity to vote on a possible merger of the Seattle School District with the city of Seattle.

I don't support legislation that would shove down the throats of Seattle voters a mandatory appointment of Seattle School Board members. What I support is a local option for voters to make the final decision. Such legislation might require that at least four of the seven director districts must ratify the referendum. That would assure a geographic consensus as well as a citywide consensus.

Steven L. Kendall


Is Willie a Deadhead?

I haven't heard Willie Nelson's new album, Songbird, but in Robert Wilonsky's review [CD Reviews, Nov. 15], he wonders whether it is Willie or Ryan Adams who is a fan of the Grateful Dead and Gram Parsons. Actually, Willie has performed with the Grateful Dead, and he played Austin clubs like the Armadillo World Headquarters that Parsons played in the early '70s. He also recorded Teatro with Emmylou Harris on backup vocals, an artist who recorded with the late Parsons. I don't think it would be too much of a stretch to imagine Willie as a fan of either the Dead or Parsons.

John Wilson

Springfield, VA

B.C. Blunder

Thank you to Travis Ritter for his review on the Canadian group Ladyhawk ["Freebirds," Nov. 15]. One thing I would like to point out to Mr. Ritter—and this is important: Do your homework.

He states: "[The band members] grew up together in Kelowna, a prominently religious midsized city secluded in central British Columbia." Central British Columbia? Get out an atlas. Kelowna is barely across the American border. British Columbia is larger than Texas. In order to get to central British Columbia, you have to travel hundreds and hundreds of miles.

Remember what Canadians say. We're bigger and we're on top. And our beer is better, eh!

Celia Rosales


End The Mexican's Exile

Last week, I picked up a copy of your paper and excitedly looked for that charming column, ¡Ask a Mexican! I checked the back, to where you had recently exiled it among the escort ads, and it wasn't there, only to find it is now only available online. Come on! You see it fit to feature an asinine article on pet obituaries but refuse to feature an intelligent, observant, and fun column like ¡Ask a Mexican! Stop pandering to the PC crybabies and get some cojones!

Until you bring this article back, I will continue picking up your paper and, if I don't find the column, will summarily discard it as you do differing viewpoints.

Merlyn Schumacher


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